Foto: Thomas Till & Manfred Faber

Manfred Faber ...


... sees the people behind the figures:


»I have worked in Human Resources my entire professional career and one thing has always been the same - numbers are only right when people work correctly, communicate well, and deal wisely.«


Having the right person for the right position, in Manfred Faber’s view, is the greatest chance for a business to increase performance, improve efficiency, and get ahead of the competition with an interim manager.


Manfred Faber studied Business Administration at the Univerity of Saarbrücken with a focus on Human Resources and Organization. He went on to head HR departments in international companies, responsible for both strategic and operative HR issues, and then in 1998 became self-employed and worked as an interim manager himself in eight different companies. He is now a major player in placing interim HR managers with his own business, HR-Consultants.


In 2011, together with financial specialist Thomas Till, he founded
Till & Faber.


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