When it has to work perfectly: Till & Faber fill positions in Finance!

We personally choose the right interim manager for you - someone who doesn’t simply do their job, someone who achieves all tasks at hand.

Here are some typical examples where we get involved:

On request, we will be happy to put you in touch with our reference customers.

tl_files/images/zahl_02.gif»Our Director of Finance and Administration resigned; Within the team there are also conflicts which need to be resolved. We are now looking for someone who can address the issues, take a fresh approach at the existing challenges and help us finding the permanent ...« tl_files/images/pfeil_grun_neu.png More

tl_files/images/zahl_06.gif»To ensure successful expansion, we need better access to capital markets. Our house bank has been pushing for an international rating for quite a while. We urgently need to switch now to an international accounting system, but we don't have the expertise to do this.« tl_files/images/pfeil_grun_neu.png More


We especially like to work with mid-sized companies. There is often some sort of special task involved when looking for an interim manager: implementing controlling cockpits, contacting banks throughout difficult phases, developing new market segments, and much more. Together with your decision makers, we figure out which results are necessary and then make a recommendation from our pool of hand-picked contacts. Personal consulting comes before placement.

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»I have worked in Human Resources my entire professional career and one thing has always been the same - numbers are only right when people work correctly, communicate well, and deal wisely.« tl_files/images/pfeil_grun_neu.png More

Audiobook and FAQs

Those working in finance are real characters – often useful, but sometime cumbersome. Is it true that controllers are bean counters? Are CFOs figure dandies who stroll through companies? And do prissy heads of Finance terrorize whole departments? Find out more about wonderful clichés from the world of positions in Finance, and why there is a bit of truth hidden therein. tl_files/images/pfeil_grun_neu.png Order our audiobook (only in german)

Frequently asked questions: We would be happy to answer further questions, or provide you with detailed information. Please download our frequently asked questions pdf tl_files/images/pfeil_grun_neu.png here

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