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Here are some typical examples where we get involved:

On request, we will be happy to put you in touch with our reference customers.


»Our Manager Accounting is absent and we don't know when she will return. We require urgently someone who has the experience and skills to take over her responsibilities quickly to ensure operations continue to run smoothly«

This happens quite often and always at the wrong time: A key employee is unexpectedly absent and no internal, suitable resource is available. One of our interim managers can temporarily assume full responsibility and ensure everything continues running smoothly and this, depending on your requirements, for only a few weeks or several months. Many of our clients use our interim resources also for vacation coverage, peak times and additional projects. Why? They did receive already their orientation, know now how to operate within your culture and understand the existing key processes.


»Recently we took over a competitor and as a result the Head of Finance decided to leave. We only have a few days to find a professional replacement, who can help us to manage the transition and improve existing processes.«

Integrating an acquired business or merging two organisations is a challenging task. If on top of that important managers leave, it becomes almost impossible to achieve the goals going with it. Our interim managers are experts in their field: They ensure that the business continues to deliver operationally and at the same time, changes or adaptations to structures and processes meet the new requirements.


»Our Director of Finance and Administration resigned; Within the team there are also conflicts which need to be resolved. We are now looking for someone who can address the issues, take a fresh approach at the existing challenges and help us finding the permanent candidate.«

Our interim managers do have the necessary experience and skills to take over even challenging responsibilities smoothly and quickly, without the need for a lengthy orientation phase. They are perfectly capable to find their way and start delivering against your strategy. If necessary they build a new team and support your HR function with the selection of new staff.


»The delivery of the hectic day-to-day business doesn't allow us to work on our business risk mitigation/ alternative business strategy. We do need to accomplish this urgently to manage successfully through a difficult period. How can we find an expert who can implement the necessary processes and tools?«

Sometimes internal resources are just not readily available to support a new project like this. This is when competent external support is needed. Our managers do take responsibility: They are especially skilled and suited for difficult challenges, e.g.  like such important project: Situation assessment, development of the strategy itself and successful implementation/ handover. As a result, business can continue to operate successfully in the market - now and in future.


»Business is doing very well but our people are operating at their limit. We urgently do need support within our controlling and accounting department: A specialist who is a self-starter and can work without the need for supervision.«

Fortunately, there is more than enough work, but we are lacking qualified staff. The solution: Interim managers. Our interims have comprehensive know-how in different areas and the experience that comes through successful careers in responsible positions. Now they are working for an extended period of time equally successful as freelancers. They integrate quickly into an existing team and start delivering immediately top results.


»To ensure successful expansion, we need better access to capital markets. Our house bank has been pushing for an international rating for quite a while. We urgently need to switch now to an international accounting system, but we don't have the expertise to do this.«

Our experts build the necessary new foundations: They implement solutions that work and are efficient. For example, the successful switch to a complex IFRS relieves the managing partners during the implementation phase and provides support with the adjustment of processes. If necessary, they also train your staff and help them to get acquainted with the new procedures.


»We have a major issue with our cash flow. We are up to our neck in it. Quite a few times we had to put off banks and suppliers. To finally address this, we need an expert now who gets us through this crisis.«

Especially in extreme situations our managers support our clients: They conduct difficult negotiations with banks or suppliers and restore lost confidence. This requires strong communication and analytical skills, a helicopter view and assertiveness. They know how to focus on the essentials: What are the core strengths of the business? What delivers the profits? And they have the necessary routine and an unbiased view, both necessary for a successful turnaround.

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